adj. & adv.
1 a of recent origin or arrival. b made, invented, discovered, acquired, or experienced recently or now for the first time (a new star; has many new ideas).
2 in original condition; not worn or used.
3 a renewed or reformed (a new life; the new order). b reinvigorated (felt like a new person).
4 different from a recent previous one (has a new job).
5 in addition to others already existing (have you been to the new supermarket?).
6 (often foll. by to) unfamiliar or strange (a new sensation; the idea was new to me).
7 (often foll. by at) (of a person) inexperienced, unaccustomed (to doing something) (am new at this business).
8 (usu. prec. by the) often derog. a later, modern. b newfangled. c given to new or modern ideas (the new man). d recently affected by social change (the new rich).
9 (often prec. by the) advanced in method or theory (the new formula).
10 (in place-names) discovered or founded later than and named after (New York; New Zealand).
—adv. (usu. in comb.)
1 newly, recently (new-found; new-baked).
2 anew, afresh.
Phrases and idioms:
new birth Theol. spiritual regeneration. new broom see BROOM. new deal new arrangements or conditions, esp. when better than the earlier ones. new-laid (of an egg) freshly laid. new look a new or revised appearance or presentation, esp. of something familiar. the new mathematics (or maths) a system of teaching mathematics to children, with emphasis on investigation by them and on set theory. new moon
1 the moon when first seen as a crescent after conjunction with the sun.
2 the time of its appearance. a new one (often foll. by on) colloq. an account or idea not previously encountered (by a person). new potatoes the earliest potatoes of a new crop. new star a nova. new style dating reckoned by the Gregorian Calendar. New Testament the part of the Bible concerned with the life and teachings of Christ and his earliest followers. new town Brit. a town established as a completely new settlement with government sponsorship.
new wave
2 a style of rock music popular in the 1970s. New World North and South America regarded collectively in relation to Europe.
new year
1 the calendar year just begun or about to begin.
2 the first few days of a year.
New Year's Day
1 January. New Year's Eve 31 December.
newish adj. newness n.
Etymology: OE niwe f. Gmc

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